Picture UK leg of his Finland to England run, July 2012

He is Cesar Guarin, Filipino global runner and the "Father of Ultramarathon" in the Philippines, is on a quest to finish his 42, 000- kilometer solo run across the world as a tribute to global Filipinos. Cesar Guarin may not ring a bell, but this 5’ 6” fellow has run farther than any Filipino, literally. It all started in 1978 when a young Cesar, then studying at the University of the Philippines, holding an ambition to become the first Filipino Olympic marathon gold medalist.


    during the 1980 Batulao Marathon ended his dream. How did he deal with his dream that fell short? He took that dream farther. Cesar began to run long distances to take the frustration out of his system. This is how he found his new “obsession”. So far, his obsession has brought him running from Zamboanga to Baguio City.  This was his first ultramarathon running exp. They called it Trans - Pilipinas run which covered a total distance of 2,251 kms.


Stage:1 Trans-Pilipinas Run

Total Running Distance:     2,251 KM
Total Running Days :         31 days
Glbal run Route:             zamboanga to baguio
Date Accomplished:           aug - sept 1983

The longest Global run stage; running non-stop from east coast to west coast

Trans-USA Run
Total Running Distance : 4,960 KM    Total Running Days : 87 days     Global Run route : new york to california
Date Accomplished: Aug - Oct 1985

In 1985, Guarin took 87 no-stop days, 4 hours and 21 minutes to run 3,100 miles from New York to Santa Monica, California. According to the Solo Artist & Great Achievers, Guarin was the 13th person to accomplish this feat, a record that was first held by John Ennis in 1890. The last person to hold the record before Cesar Guarin was Stan Cottrell, an American who ran through 48 days in 14 states from New York to San Francisco in 1980. Guarin arrived on Thursday, October 30 proceeding directly from the airport to midtown Manhattan to attend the Philippine New York Junior Chamber (Jaycees) Inc.’s Halloween Masquerade event as its guest. He was received warmly as he briefly explained his Global Run: Alay sa Pilipino. “I am doing this as my own way of expressing my thanks to the Filipino global community and my country,” said Guarin in the presence of young professionals attending the event.

Trans - Europe ultramarathon was one of Cesar’s epic run. Filipino communities, consul generals, town mayors, ambassadors and many of our Filipino migrants supported him during this run. Send off and welcome parties from each key city were very exciting and well attended. During his run, he took time to do courtesy visit to the mayor of Bonn, Germany. Host families made his run in Europe more memorable and easier as they provided a warm place to and delicious meals after each punishing run.

after long rest, he came back for the journey last 2009 to continue his quest to run around the world.

The 54-year-old marathoner completed the New York-Canada in 29 days and he arrived in Toronto on December 2. From New York City, he traversed the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He also passed through upstate cities of Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. “This is a new field for me since I’ve never run on winter time and I didn’t have that much training running in cold weather,” said Guarin. “But I just love running in cold weather and I’ll manage. I’m confident that I’ll be able to surmount any difficulty that I may be faced with,” Guarin continued. While the cold weather poses a different problem compared to what he had in the past, Guarin said he’s prepared for any eventuality. “That is what I try to look for and manage the challenge and perhaps this is the mental toughness I want to portray to runners training for the Olympics,” said Guarin.

 Cesar’s US - Canada Run was well received and supported by Filipino migrants and OFWs in US and Canada. Many greeted him on the road as he run from New York to Toronto. After arriving in Toronto, Cesar had a great time talking with fellow Filipinos and sharing with them his experiences in Global Run. The support of Filipinos there was very warm and most of the cities or town he visited, many Filipinos and locals there were excited and proud to be with Cesar. 

From October 27 up to December 03 of 2011, Cesar Guarin tested his endurance when he ran from Melbourne all the way to Brisbane set in the iconic stretch of Australian coastline and arid highways along the stretch of Pacific highway. He started his run in Melbourne going to Canberra then heading off to Sydney and finishing in Brisbane. Global Run Australia route is fringed by rainforest on one side and craggy, dramatic coastal cliffs on the other. The punishing run lasted for 37 days, resting only on Sundays and during fellowships with Filipino communities, and covered a total distance of approximately 2,053 kilometers. When Cesar Guarin ran from Melbourne to Brisbane, he was met by Filipino communities and generous local supporters from key cities. The team proceeded each time to the Global Run welcome venues where Filipino-Australian communities and local citizens with flaglets, streamers and banners was waiting. The already enthusiastic welcome parties in each key stop overs were sent into jubilation every time Cesar Guarin arrived from his long run across Australia. In Albury, the town mayor was present to welcome Cesar

.He crossed challenging terrains and changeable weather conditions in Australia to raise funds for poor children in the Philippines in dire need of food, clothing and health assistance through the “Batang Pangarap” sports development program. He was able to raise $AU 6,000 during his 37-day run in from Melbourne to Brisbane. This was the heart and mission of Global Run’s fundraising efforts in Australia.

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