Rainy Day Running
by manokanRunner

Rainy season is officially here. Expect colder weather and most runners might take their routine indoors due to rainy, wet conditions.  You might postpone your runs when it is raining outside or you might opt to stay indoors and run on a treadmill instead.  Before you opt for lesser running routine, here are some tips and precautions that can keep up your outdoor running even on rainy days.  You’ll find the rain a refreshing change that can spice up a daily running routine.

Dress with lighter fabrics

If it’s rainy and very cold, some would wear two to three layers to keep them warm. Wear the warmest layer against your skin usually made of technical fabric like polypropylene which wickwater and sweat away from your skin. Your outer layer should be a wind- and water-resistant vest or jacket. Don’t wear a raincoat because it will only trap moisture and heat. You may wear leg tights and say no to heavy cotton sweats because cotton sweats will just become water logged and weight you down.

Dress for the temperature

Wearing more layers on a rainy run won’t keep you dry. Adding more layers will only give you more wet and heavy clothes.  To keep the rain off your face, wear a hat with a brim. This will also keep your head warm and dry.

Be visible and safe

Running in the rain often has poor visibility so wear an outer layer that’s bright-colored or has reflective strips. Be sure to stay on sidewalks and well-lighted areas at night. Refrain from running across floodedintersections and avoid places where you know flood conditions may appear.

Bring dry clothes

If you drive to a location to run, bring some dry clothes to change after running. Or better run from home where you can shower and change into warm clothes. During races, bring dry clothes as well as shoes and socks to change into after your race.

Carry an ID

Always carry an identification or wear a Road ID especially if you’re running alone. Be sure to indicate the name of a person, together with his or her contact number, to notify in case of emergency.

Use a garbage bag

While waiting for a race to start, use a throwaway shirt to keep you dry and warm. A garbage bag is enough to make you stay dry and you can throw it to the side once you get started. You can also roll the bag and place it inside your pocket if the rain stops. If it rains again, you can slip it back on.

Safety first

Know the weather before you run as this can affect your running. Run slower while against the wind. You are spending six percent more oxygen when running in a strong wind than in ordinary conditions. Also, you will feel more tired when running against a strong wind. An afternoon jog is fine during a light rain or drizzle. But, stay indoors if it’s going to be a heavy rain or there’s a thunderstorm coming.

Find a buddy

It’s always best to run with a partner when running in the rain. Your buddy can help you in case something goes wrong.

Preparations before a race

When running in races during a rainy day, place your shoes and socks in a plastic bag. Prevent chafing in areas like your feet, inner thighs, underarms and other parts where you would normally get blisters.

Run and have fun!

Don’t forget to warm up and enjoy running in the rain.

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